Videos of Pineal Cyst Surgery

My Pineal Cyst surgery will be at the Thousand Oaks Surgical Hospital in Thousand Oaks, California on June 13, 2012. My surgeon is Dr. Hrayr K. Shahinian, MD, Director of the Skull Base Institute of Los Angeles, California. The following are You Tube Videos of Pineal Cyst surgeries performed by Dr. Shahinian.

Hrayr Shahinian, M.D. on The Doctors TV Show

Dr. Hrayr Shahinian of the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles, California discusses with Dr. Travis Stork and Dr. Andrew Ordon the revolutionary non-invasive brain surgery he performed to remove a life-threatening brain tumor on 14-year old Christa Hvidsten. For more information visit


Hrayr Shahinian M.D. of the Skull Base Institute
on the Dallas CW News


Dr. Shahinian on CBC

Jillian Greenwood had a cyst on her Pineal Gland that was causing dizziness and nausea, but she couldn't get the surgery she needed in Canada. So she went to the Skull Base Institute in Los Angeles, where Dr. Shahinian was able to remove the cyst in full and give Jillian her life back. 

Kelsy Matteson's Pineal Cyst Story

Click on the following Link to view
Kelsy Matteson's story on NBC:

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